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Due to the poor saving and investment culture in the Nigerian economy, many fintech companies have sprung up in pursuit of financial literacy through the launch savings and investment apps. Despite how competitive this industry is, a lot of start-ups have pushed through and succeeded.

The success of most savings and investing applications is largely based on number  factors, but  most importantly,  the stability of the software application.

Fintech apps are largely dependent on their online efficiency. Hence, the app is the bank. If the app malfunctions, the bank malfunctions. Therefore, working with a reliable team to launch  of utmost importance.

Before we delve into choosing the right team, let’s consider other factors that can guarantee app success as we examine the top players in the industry.


Piggyvest is the biggest online savings and investment financial technology company in Nigeria. They were the first to start the locking of funds for a period of time; say 6-12months to earn interests. They equally had a very active referral program where they encourage  users to  share their referral link  and earn a thousand naira per sign up.

This company enables you to save both in Naira and dollar. Piggyvest promotes its savings culture by charging people  5% when its users break their savings before maturity.

piggyvest savings and investment app interface
Source: Piggvest.com

It was founded  in 2015 by Ayo Akinola, Joshua ChibuezeNonso EagleOdunayo EweniyiSomto Ifezue.

One thing that made Piggyvest very successful was its proactive strategy. Being the first in the industry, they were able to acquire a large part of the market. The app grew rapidly due to its  attractive referral program.So far, they have acquired 3m Nigerians as customers.

In 2018, one year after their launch, they raised an accelerator fund of $50,000 and have raised N1.1million subsequently for expansion.

When you sign up on Piggyvest, you are automatically assigned a Wema bank account number as most savings and investment apps are hinged on a pre-existing brick and mortar banks.



Cowrywise is a savings wallet just like Piggvest. It is the first fintech company in Nigeria with a SEC license in the fund/portfolio management category. Cowrywise was founded on January 1, 2017, by Edward Popoola and Razaq Ahmed.

Cowrywise does not have the break feature-meaning once you save it stays there  until maturity date. Also, you don’t need a debit card to activate your account. You use  your Stash (a funding option for your savings and investment plans). Once you set it up, it will provide you with an account number and this enables you to make transfers to it from any bank.

cowrywise savings and investment app interface
Source: Cowrywise.com


Halal investments is one feature on Cowrywise that has drawn many Muslim customers as it respects their faith and belief of saving without interests.

Cowrywise offers you up to 15% return per annum on risk-free investments and you equally get a minimum 10% return per annum for your savings.

Cowrywise was the first platform to make mutual funds possible to  the general public. Currently, they retail  mutual funds worth over $60 million and you can access this funds for as low as N100.


Branch loan is a platform where you can get an immediate online loan in Nigeria. It uses data science to increase accessibility to financial services.The company currently operates in Tanzania, India, Mexico, Kenya and Nigeria.

The branch loan app was first founded in 2015 and became accessible to Nigerians in 2017. For the past few years, the app has seen an exhilarating growth with over 1.2 million users and over 1 million loans disbursed, worth over N9 billion in Nigeria alone.

Branch International savings and investment app
Source: Branch.com.ng

Recently, Branch launched their savings feature that offers up to 20% interest per annum. The attraction point is that you interest accrues daily so you do not have to wait for a whole year to get your returns. The also do not charge penalty for breaking the flexi-saving plan.

Their loans range from between N1,000 to N200,000 with a repayment period of 4 to 40 weeks.Loan interest is between 14% and 28%.

The major limitation however, is that they are only available on Andriod  in Nigeria probably due to the major cost of launching on Appstore.


Crowdyvest is a financial technology platform that provides all-in-one financial solutions for individuals and organizations that are committed to long-term growth and financial freedom. It was founded in 2019 by Onyeka Akumah and four other Co-founders.

Crowdyvest is an extension of Farmcrowdy that helps you to save and invest your money in different sectors. You can save as little as N100 and you can earn between 12.5% and 15% interest per annum based on your plan.

Crowdyvest savings and investment app
Source :Crowdyvest.com

Beyond agricultural investing, you can put your money to work by sponsoring various impact-driven projects in a wide range of sectors. The minimum amount you can use to sponsor is N20,000 to  earn up to 20%  to 40% in returns.


Zimvest is a  SEC licensed Asset Manager targeted at  young savers, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and institutions. It specializes in financial planning along side providing investment, saving and wealth management services. It is a subsidiary of Zedcrest Group.

Zimvest leverages the unique expertise and track record of the group’s brokerage business, Zedcap partners – the biggest interdealer-broker in Nigeria with a trading volume of 1.5trn as of December 2019.

Zimvest app interface
Source: Zimvest.com


Saheed Adedayo Amzat CFA, CEOStella DuruDebola WilliamsAbiola Adekoya and Oluseyi O. Akinbi founded Zimvest.

Zimvest allows you to invest in naira with a minimum investment of N1 million  and tenure of  at least 30 days. The interest rate ranges from 6 – 10%  per annum. Dollar investing is also available minimum capital of $10,000 for at least 90 days while Interest  ranges from 4-6%.


Wealth.ng was founded in 2019 by Sankore Investment, a wealth management firm that provides advisory, brokerage, fund management and other investment services. The CEO of the company is Titi Odunfa Adeoye.

Wealth.ng savings and investment app interface
Source: Wealth.ng


Wealth.ng offers investments stocks, real estate assets, treasury bills and mutual fund. Agriculture Investment is a unique feature on Wealth.ng where you can fund a farm and get up to 22% interest on your investment. Minimum investment is roughly N50,000.

With Wealth.ng, you can as become a shareholder of global companies and home-grown companies here in Nigeria. You can trade both global and local stocks on major exchanges across the world and on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Jetseed app
Source: Jetseed.com


Jetseed (formerly called Pettysave) is another stable savings and investment platform  founded in 2019 by Abel Adejoh and provides up to 10 to 12% interest per annum on your savings.

Jetseed has a top-up feature that helps you to save extra amount outside your normal plan. This feature allows you to make up for  savings targets you may have missed or top up if  have extra cash to save.

It allows you to save not just for yourself but for other people.


I-invest is another great savings and investment app by developed by the Parthian Partners  in 2018 and it is currently being headed by  Oluseye Olusoga the Group Managing Director,

I-invest app interface
Source: i-investng.com

I-invest allows you to invest in different sectors of the capital market in Naira and Dollar. The return on investment varies from  product to product.  You can save as  low as N200   daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

I-invest offers a variety of investments such as equities, fixed deposits, commercial papers, Eurobond and treasury bills with a minimum investment capital of  N10,000.


Fundbae is a financial app focused on loans, savings and investing.It is owned  by  Coralstone Capital Limited and  founded by Sola Adeyinka and  Segun Ojo in the year 2020.

Fundbae savings and investment app interface
Source: www.fundbae.ng/

It’s unique feature is the Robo-advisor  which uses Machine Learning analysis to study market trends. This  helps you invest smart, save well and achieve your goals. It provides over five various savings plans  in Naira and dollarwith  interest of up to1 2% per annum.

Fundbae grants you the access to loan up to 200% of your savings.You need to have saved  consistently for 3 to 6 months. It also helps you to save up for shared goals with friends. It offers various funding options such as Flutterwave, Paystack, Monnify, Interswitch amongst others.


Vbank is savings and investment platform that aims to give users a personalized banking.  Vbank is an offshoot of the VFD Group; owners of the VFD Microfinance Bank. It was founded by Azubike Emodi, Managing Director, VFD Microfinance in the year 2020.

vbank app interface

Vbank also has an active referral program called ‘veelage’. According to bank, users  can earn up to 2million naira monthly when they actively refer their family and friends. According to its users, the app seems to be very stable and user friendly. This is probably due to the  frequent testing the app undergoes, at the launch of every feature through its veelage program.

Another unique strategy is the  Bluetooth-like feature which allows users to send or receive money from other users of the app an account number. In addition, they provide loan services.


Alat by Wema is officially the first branchless bank in Nigeria which gave them their competitive advantage . However, they couldn’t sustain that position due to major issues with the first version of their app. This dropped their rating severely to 3.5/5.0 on the Playstore. Today, Alat has a more stable application available on android, iOS and web applications.

ALAT is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank that provides loans, savings and cash transactions. It was launched on May 2, 2017 by Wema Bank Plc.

Alat by Wema interface
Source: Alat.ng

According to Alat, you can apply for a loan without  paperwork, no visitation to any physical location and response time between acceptance of offer and loan disbursement is in minutes. You can borrow as much as N4 million without any collateral.

Alat grew  through its juicy referral growth plan that offered 1000 NGN per every referral as long as the  referred person funds his/her their accounts with 2000 NGN. Alat also offered free debit cards to its new users and delivered it at no cost as well.


Carbon, formerly known as Pay later is one of the earliest mobile loan apps in Nigeria that give quick loans in minutes. The founders were  Chijioke Dozie and Ngozi Dozie.

Getcarbon launched in Lagos  as One Credit that provided loans to salary earners. It then   evolved into OneFi in 2015.

Carbon savings and investment app interface


OneFi became Paylater in 2016 and experienced tremendous growth overtime. By 2018, it had gained 1million users. Paylater expanded from just a loan app to a fully-fledged financial firm; offering various financial services such as savings, investing and personal finance management.To accomodate their upgrade, they changed its name to Carbon.

Carbon provides short-term loans usually from 1 month to a year to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs. The interest rate can be anywhere from 5% to 15% depending on the amount of money loaned and the repayment period.

Recently, Carbon launched a new feature  called Carbon zero that enables its users buy gadgets and electronics in installments and at zero interest rate.


Cashbox is a digital savings platform owned by Cashbox Global Services. It was founded by Sydney Imuetinyan Aigbogun,  who is also the serving Chief Executive Officer.

On the app. can save as low as N100. Cashbox works by automatically debiting your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly according to your set savings amount.

Cashnox savings app interface

You earn up to 15% interest per annum depending on your chosen plan and savings balance. Their unique plans include Target, Vault and Cliques.


Overwood is an investment companyfounded in 2019 that helps people come together to invest in safe, high-yield investment products. Interest is up to 12% per annum. The Founder and CEO is Dr. Tayo Oyedeji;


Overwood savings app interface


Overwood features three major savings plans: Overwood prime, Overwood dollar and Overwood child.

Users have the luxury of making at least one withdrawal per month. Anything more will result in 40% loss on interest accrued; though their initial capital remains untouched.


Mintyn  is a fintech owned by Finex Microfinance bank.  is also in partnership with Providus bank, through which Mintyn debit Master cards are being issued.

Mintyn was founded in 2020 by Nnazilim EgbuonuEze Amuchie and Obinna Ogbodo.

The app offers  6% for 10days on capital as low as 100NGN and 10.50% for 12months.Mutual funds are also available for investing.

Mintyn savings app interface

One unique feature is the  zero opening balance for  current accounts r for MSME owners, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors. It also provides loans to businesses and salary earners.

Mintyn  originally offered 1000 NGN per referral. This later dropped to  500 NGN. The referrals however, must recharge their account with as low as 250 NGN for the next 30days without withdrawal.



Ladda.ng is an investment platform that gives you access to variety of products – Savings, mutual funds and stocks.

Ladda.ng savings app interface
Source: Ladda.ng

Ladda.ng was launched in 2020 by Oluwatosin Olaseinde, also CEO of Money Africa, a financial literacy platform. Interest on savings is about 7% per annum with a minimum savings of 1000 NGN. Additionally, the company is working on exposing its users to a wide range of global stocks.


Kolopay is majorly a savings platform, that was formerly called Mr. Kolo. Ayoola Ogunlowo and Ifeoluwa Popoola. The app launched  4th of December 2017.

Kolopay allows you to save any amount of money through its auto-save feature. It enables its users  save from multiple bank accounts. You can make one-off payments from your account to your Kolopay and you can save as little as N1. Kolopay provides her customers with 6% rate of interest annually on each target budget.

Kolopay savings app interface


You can also make direct purchases from Kolopay through its  e-commerce services. Comprehensive health insurance are available as well  at N1600 per month.

Interestingly,  Kolopay offers the opportunity to partake in its referral program without owning an account with them.   According to them, ‘you will earn 4% of the deposit for any member who joins  through your referral link.  This commission is available for instant withdrawal.’


SumoTrust (formerly SumoBank) is a secure savings and investment platform that helps you save, send, receive and plan your finances effectively.  SumoTrust was founded June 14, 2019 by GT Igwe Chrisent.

They offer 10%-15% interest annually depending on the savings plan you choose. One can save   daily, weekly or monthly.

Sumotrust app interface


You will earn 1000 Naira for every successful person you sign  up that  saves up to 2000 Naira in their account. The referred users must have linked their cards to Sumotrust and verified their BVN.


Fundall is a digital bank that provides access to digital banking and wealth management. It was founded by Kolapo Joseph in 2019.

The app helps you you  send automatic reminders to debtors, which can be very useful for entrepreneurs.Fundall has a save and spend feature just like Kuda bank. This feature  allows you to input how much in terms of  percentage of your expenses you want to save.

Fundall app interface


They issue white- label verve debit card via Providus bank. However, do not provide free transfers to other banks like most fintech banks do. To save in USD, you have to exchange naira at #485. You can also borrow money to save.

Fundall has a unique attraction strategy where they employ the concept of gamification that comes with rewards.Once you receive these rewards, you can convert them into money. These include activities like savings challenge, spending challenge e.t.c.


UC Money is a financial technology platform from UCML Investment Management Limited. It was founded by Tunde Sarumi in 2019.BVN  is not  to  required for sign up.

UC Money helps you to invest your savings in treasury bills and government bonds which comes with little or no risk.The app also provides  both online and offline funding options; to make payment offline, you need to generate a unique code from your app. This code has to be  included this code in your deposit slip. A UCL union bank account will be provided on the app as well.