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Delivery online is on the rise and people are becoming more uninterested in purchasing things for themselves. If you’ve considered creating a food delivery app to kickstart your business, using applications for delivery on demand like Glovo, then you are on the best track to provide what the future needs.

There is an increasing need for people to save time and money every day; application for delivery allows those who are tired or busy, to get their meals and other necessities brought to their desks as they manage their emails and other important things.

The rise of applications such as Swiggy and Zomato are food delivery options that you can also draw an inspiration from. Looking from a global perspective, apps like GrubHubUberEats, and many more are also great inspirations.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Glovo, a food delivery apps and what it takes to develop a similar app.

For starters, let us dive a little deeper into this application and its background.

Did you know Glovo was originally on Spanish delivery company founded by a young student of just 27 years old Oscar Pierre Miquel– . The company was established in Barcelona in 2015 along with the co-founder Sacha Michaud. Having left one of Europe’s biggest aerospace companies, Oscar is now an accomplished owner of the a food delivery business called Readymade.

The app took Oscar Pierre just five years before he could see his app hit thirty million downloads.

In other words, how much will it cost to create an app that is successful similar to Glovo?

It didn’t begin off smoothly. With many failures and dissatisfied workers as well as the possibility of bankruptcy which is common with every startup. However, as they say, failures are the steps to growth, and as such the company started to climb the mountain of failure, to eventually become the successful app has become today.

Today, they stand in pride, having raised EUR460 million which earned the company the title “Unicorn startup”, with the valuation in excess of $1billion.

Prensently, Glovo has its presence across more than 26 countries around the world and operates in more than 280 cities. With over more than 50,000 drivers, Glovo delivers orders to cities by motorbikes and bicycles taking food and groceries from office to home and home to office, making life effortless.

The most appealing aspect of the app’s model of business is that it could be main reason behind its successful entry into International market . Let’s bring it home this time.

Amazing features of the Glovo Nigeria app.

Compared to other delivery apps, Glovo is the most common app that specializes in food, groceries and even processed. It gained major popularity by being present in every region compared to other food delivery apps like Jumiafoods.

The strategy is observing what others are doing and re-inventing the wheel.

Unique features of the app include :

  1. Track and follow the delivery in real-time

The best part of the app is its real-time tracking – Choose your pick-up point as well as your destination, see when your order is picked up, know if the delivery man is stuck in traffic and many more.

2. Groceries at your beck and call

The second thing we have to take away from Glovo is their commitment to take groceries. Homeowners need food and often urgently. It’s not uncommon when you realize you’re out of items in your fridge and require food items.Rather than dash out to the market again and waste cooking time, they can easily place an order for grocery items and within a few minutes, you have all your ingredients complete.

In the end, there is one thing we need to learn from Glovo – to maximize the value of the app we develop, taking into consideration the cost of building.

Cost implications

After all that has been is said, we’re sure we’ve sparked your curiosity. If you’re contemplating starting a company similar to Glovo’s food model, then pricing must be a major factor.

To begin there are a lot of factors that influence the price of creating an app such as Glovo. The

price of your app will primarily depend on your preferences and other needs for the app, and therefore could vary from person to person.

The first step is the platform you must choose. There are also the features and functions to consider. Then, there’s the size of your team which you must figure out. All of these add up to the costs of building an application like Glovo.

Although there isn’t a precise amount that can be derived to estimate the costs of apps like Glovowe will examine a few aspects that will likely be able to come up with.

Features and Functionality

The more features you have in your app, the more user-friendly it becomes, but of course, the higher the costs.

Features like log-in or sign-in procedure, information about the restaurant’s menu, location delivery and delivery details, as well as payment options, are just a few essential things that customers are looking for in an app , and consequently, become essential features that add to the price of any delivery application.

The best way to do this is to start with some options and features that are compatible within the app, and then keep expanding your capabilities as you progress.

Hiring a team

Also, don’t forget that developing an app takes a lot of work to accomplish, and time as well. Hiring a reliable team is something you must consider.

This is the second most important aspect after the idea has been brainstormed and planned. The app development process generally entails the concept to be developed, the design, testing before finally, launching.

To do this, you’ll need to find developers. It is possible to do this by three methods, namely. You can employ a product manager of your own which is very practical. You can also hire freelancers to do the work for you.

The third option is outsourcing your work to an already-established team who will build your app on your behalf.

Whatever option you pick, each one is likely cost you an appropriate amount based on the number of hours you’d like your team to put in for you.

Making an app requires a lot of time and expertise, and having a solid set of hands are essential to make your business to be successful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, before we get started, we will look through some frequently asked questions asked by people seeking to build an app such as Glovo:

Can I build a simple version and update later as I get traction ?

One of the primary aspects to consider is the functionality of the app. Be aware that a great app keeps striving to improve its features.

If you’d like to attract the respect of your faithful customers and continue to see the number of

customers increase This is something you should keep in mind when creating the application and a most crucial aspects of maintaining your app.

How Does Glovo Make Money?

It’s a fact that food delivery will continue to be a thing. Glovo earns 35% of its revenues by delivering meals.

Then, Glovo charges commissions from the retailers it mostly has partnerships with.75 percent of the commission, is derived from restaurants, stores and other establishments that are the main source of income for the company.

Then, there’s the cost of delivery. It is based on the distance that needs to be taken from your location to the destination. Thus, clients ordering from a distance would likely be prepared to pay an additional delivery fee.

Where should I begin in the event that I would like to create an app that is similar to Glovo?

One strategy that could be used to launch an app similar to Glovo is to provide your services to areas that have less competition. So, you’ll ensure your app is successful.

Glovo operates in countries such as Morocco, Latin America, Nigeria, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia and more. These are not the kinds of countries you’d be hearing much about Would you?

Another good approach with Glovo is that it works with local businesses, which gives them the chance to provide a low-cost service that’s quick and simple too. In addition, they earn a decent commission as a reward.

This increases the chances of local vendors gaining more customers who have loyalty to their product or service

To Sum Up

Let’s not forget, but we must remember that the cost for developing an app may differ from one region to another So, keep in mind the location you’d like to launch your business in.

For instance, you would not pay similar amounts in a country like the United States. You will need around $300 per hour to create apps in a nation similar to the US.

However, you’d surely pay lower than this if opt for a different location or state. It is likely that you will need between $20 and $20 per hour.

In the end, let us just suggest that the price to creating an app similar to Glovo could range from $4000 and $10,000 in a lower-cost area. So if you’re planning to develop an app, you should be prepared to have the minimum in your wallet.

 If you need more information on launching food delivery service, book a free consultation here.