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Piggyvest is the biggest online savings and investment financial technology company in Nigeria. It was launched on February 15, 2016, and is big on, piggybank. They became piggyvest in 2019.

This company enables you to save both in Naira and dollar. Some products offer a safe lock promotes savings and a 5% penalty if savings is broken before maturity. All the interest earned on savings are usually deposited in a flex naira account. Group savings are also offered

Piggyvest was founded by Ayo Akinola, Joshua Chibueze, Nonso Eagle, Odunayo Eweniyi, Somto Ifezue.

One thing that made Piggyvest very successful was that they were the first in the industry and also had a stable acquisition strategy – Refer your friends and get 1000 NGN. So far, they have acquired 3m Nigerians as customers.

In 2018, one year after their launch, they raised an accelerator fund of $50,000 and have raised N1.1million subsequently for expansion

When you sign up on Piggyvest, you are automatically assigned a Wema bank account number.



Cowrywise is a financial technology company that digitize investment management for Africans and enables access to savings and investment products.

It is the first fintech company in Nigeria with a SEC license in the fund/portfolio management category. We can call it the CBN for investments.

Cowrywise was founded on January 1, 2017, by Edward Popoola and Razaq Ahmed.

Cowrywise helps you to show some level of discipline because you are not allowed to break any savings plan until maturity date. Also, you don’t need a debit card to activate your account. You can use your Stash (a funding option for your savings and investment plans). Once you set it up, it will provide you with an account number and this enables you to make transfers to it from any bank.

Halal investments is one feature on cowrywise that has drawn many Muslim customers as it respects their faith and belief of saving without interests.

Cowrywise offers you up to 15% return per annum on risk-free investments and you equally get a minimum 10% return per annum for your savings.

Cowrywise was the first platform to make mutual funds possible in Nigeria. Currently, they retail 13 mutual funds worth over $60 million and you can access this funds for as low as N100.



Branch loan is a platform where you can get an immediate online loan in Nigeria. It uses data science to increase accessibility to financial services for Nigerians.

The company operates in Tanzania, India, Mexico, Kenya and Nigeria.

The branch loan app was first founded in 2015 and became accessible to Nigerians in 2017. For the past few years, the app has seen an exhilarating growth with over 1.2 million users and over 1 million loans disbursed, worth over N9 billion in Nigeria alone. This growth rate is a confirmation of its service demand and usefulness.

It is very easy to borrow money from Branch and this can be done in 20 minutes, or even less. It provides single payment loans, installment loans and payroll loans for borrowers. Nonetheless, if you do not repay your Branch loan when it is due, you will be penalized, and interests on your loan will continue to pile up.

Branch loan is designed to fit individual needs and help their users grow. Their loans range from between N1,000 to N200,000 with a repayment period of 4 to 40 weeks. Their interest rate is between 14% and 28%.

They currently only support the following banks; Access bank, Union bank, United Bank of Africa, Stanbic IBTC bank, First bank of Nigeria, Zenith bank, Diamond bank, GT Bank, Skye bank and FCMB.



Crowdyvest is a financial technology platform that provides all-in-one financial solutions for individuals and organizations that are committed to long-term growth and financial freedom.

It was founded in 2019 by Onyeka Akumah and four other Co-founders.

Crowdyvest provides insurance cover through persistence with partners. This helps cover all activities that are carried out with capital deemed risky.

Crowdyvest helps you to save and invest your money in different sectors. You can save as little as N100 and you can earn between 12.5% and 15% interest per annum based on your plan.

However, you can put your money to work by sponsoring various impact-driven projects in a wide-range of sectors. The minimum amount you can use to sponsor is N20,000 and you earn up to 20% ROI and 40% ROI for pooled sponsorship and project sponsorship respectively.



Zimvest is the SEC licensed Asset Manager designed for everyone: young savers, employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and institutions. It specializes in financial planning along with providing investment, saving and wealth management services. It is a subsidiary of Zedcrest Group.

Zimvest leverages the unique expertise and track record of the group’s brokerage business, Zedcap partners which is the biggest interdealer-broker in Nigeria with a trading volume of 1.5trn as of December 2019, and awarded 2019, 2020 FMDQ Gold Awards for best Brokerage Service.

Zimvest was founded by a team of seasoned investment and wealth management experts; Saheed Adedayo Amzat CFA, CEO, Stella Duru, Debola Williams, Abiola Adekoya and Oluseyi O. Akinbi.

Zimvest allows you to invest in naira with a minimum investment of N1 million and the minimum tenure of 30 days. The interest is 6 – 10% ROI per annum which is earned at maturity of the investment.

You can also invest in dollars with a minimum investment of $10,000 whereas, the minimum tenure is 90 days. The interest here is 4 – 6% per annum which is also earned at maturity of the investment.



Wealth.ng is a financial technology product that helps people invest their money. It is a product of WealthTech Limited.

It was founded in 2019 by Sankore Investment, a wealth management firm that provides advisory, brokerage, fund management and other investment services. The CEO of the company is Titi Odunfa Adeoye. Its competitors are Trove finance and Chaka.

Wealth.ng offers stocks, real estate assets, treasury bills and mutual fund.

Agriculture Investment is a unique feature on Wealth.ng, you can fund a farm on and get up to ~22% interest on your investment. Minimum investment amounts are around N50,000.

With Wealth.ng, you can as become a shareholder of global companies and home-grown companies here in Nigeria. You can trade both global and local stocks on major exchanges across the world and on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, respectively.

This platform offers an array of investment products that has some potential to improve your net worth. However, investment products can sometimes be subject to fluctuations due to market forces beyond Wealth.ng control.



Jetseed (formerly called Pettysave) is a technology company focused on aiding people to save and invest towards financial freedom.

It was founded in 2019 by Abel Adejoh, the founder of Pettysave limited.

Jetseed offers higher returns on savings and investment than the traditional banks. You can earn 10 to 12% interest per annum on your savings.

You can pay bills and buy airtime and, make transfers to friends through your Jetseed account.

Jetseed has a top up feature that helps you to save extra amount outside your normal plan. This feature is especially good if you miss a few savings target or just have extra cash to save.

It allows you to save not just for yourself but for other people. Also, you would not be charged any fee if you default for your savings plan.



I-invest is a mobile application leveraging technology for Nigerians and has provided a secure and safe platform for millions of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, to invest, build a savings culture and secure their future.

The application was developed by the Parthian Partners and Group Managing Director, Oluseye Olusoga in 2018.

I-invest allows you to invest in different sectors of the capital market in Naira and Dollar with different banks.

The safety of the app, easy usage and convenience are part of the advantages of using the app.

The wallet-to-wallet transaction feature on the app helps you to top up your wallet to invest in more options, withdraw or transfer funds to family and friends on the I-invest app at any time.

The return on investment and minimum investment value on the app varies from product to product. On a savings plan, you can save as low as N200 which can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

For equities as well, the minimum investment can be as low as the value of the stocks and there are no restrictions on those as they are a function of what is to be done and where your equities are trading. Where you have a difference is on the Treasury side of things where the minimum entry point is about N10,000.



Fundbae is a financial service platform that enables you to save, invest and access loans with various competitive interest rate with ease.

It is a fintech company fully owned by Coralstone Capital Limited which and founded by Sola Adeyinka, CFA, ACCA and Segun Ojo in the year 2020.

It is convenient to pay your utilities, buy airtime, mobile data, pay TV subscription and still track your expenses with Fundbae.

It provides you with a Robo-advisor that helps you invest smart, save well and achieve your goals using Machine Learning analysis of the market trends. It guarantees good returns for you in growing your money.

Fundbae grants you the access to loan up to 200% of your savings after saving consistently for 3 to 6 months and enjoy 8% interest per annum. It also helps you to save up for shared goals with friends, contribute separately and track progress together.

Fundbae enables you to invite friends to save for a common aim. Different individuals receive the group’s savings on a turn-by-turn basis i.e thrift.



Vbank is digital banking platform that aims to give users personalized banking experience for the VFD Group. V bank allows users to categorise spending while also creating limits for each category.

Vbank is an offshoot of the VFD Groups, owners of the VFD Microfinance Bank. It was founded by Azubike Emodi, Managing Director, VFD Microfinance in the year 2020.

Users can earn for referring others and it does not stop as long as the other party keeps using the account. Vbank’s referral program basically allows users to create their own banks and become the bank’s sales agents.

The bank app comes with proximity payment, a bluetooth-like feature which allows users to send or receive money from other users of the app without using an account number.

You can do more than save money using the app. You are allowed to create target savings, fixed deposit and joint accounts and, also request a loan.



ALAT is a branchless, paperless bank which provides financial services through its android, iOS and web applications. It is powered by Wema Bank, the first and longest-serving truly indigenous Nigerian bank.

ALAT is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank that provides loans, savings and cash transactions. It was launched on May 2, 2017 by Wema Bank Plc.

On the app, you can apply for a loan without a paper work, no visitation to any physical location and response time between acceptance of offer and loan disbursement is in minutes. You can borrow as much as N4 million without any collateral.

Wherever you are in the world, your ALAT debit card is delivered to your doorstep at no cost. With you phone, you can activate the card, lock it and unlock it.



Carbon, formerly known as Pay later is one of the leading mobile loan apps in Nigeria and financial technology companies that give quick loans in minutes to its customers.

Carbon loans began in 2012 as One Credit which was founded in Lagos. It provided loans to salary earners only but then evolved into OneFi in 2015 as a result of considerable growth in its business, whereby loans were accessible to significantly more consumers.

In 2016, the business went digital and its name was changed to Paylater. After 2 years, the Paylater mobile app was downloaded by over 1 million users. Later on, carbon loan app was introduced thereby expanding from just loans and into payments, investments and personal finance management.

The founder of carbon are Chijioke Dozie and Ngozi Dozie.

Carbon provides short-term loans usually from 1 month to a year to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs. You are allowed to borrow N10,000 to N1 million in 5 minutes.

The interest rate can be anywhere from 5% to 15% depending on the amount of money loaned and the repayment period.

If you default on a Carbon loan, it can cost you your bank account and trigger lawsuits, collection calls and wage garnishment.



Sparkle is a digital bank and fintech community operating out of Nigeria. It is focused on offering efficient lifestyle banking to its customers.

The bank was launched in June 2020 by Uzoma Dozie and his team which includes; Chris Ubosi, Uche Alozie, Garry Marsh, Reni Folawiyo and Adedeji Olowe.

You can open a Sparkle account with no documents or bank queues rather on your smartphone in under 5 minutes. You can save money for rainy days using the Sparkle stash feature which allows you save as you like, periodically with investments, and with a group of people.

Sparkle helps you to keep track of what you spend, when you spend and how you spend. You are able to get the daily, weekly and monthly breakdown of your expenses and find out which habit you feed the most.

Sparkle helps you to send, request money, or split bills with friends and family instantly whether they are sparklers or from other Nigerian banks.

It also helps you top up mobile airtime, data, cable, utility and transport bills. Other exciting payment features like scheduled payments, QR payment and SparklePay shows innovative payments like never before.



Digikolo is a savings platform driven by Digital Space Capital aimed at encouraging a proper savings culture for individuals with a financial goal.

Digikolo was founded by Olubukola Abitoye in partnership with the Senior Growth Executive, Flutterwave, Adejuwon Oyebanjo.

It offers you the opportunity to do more with your money seamlessly be it just the conventional savings, target savings or locking funds away for a period.

Digikolo helps you to accrue u to 13.5% interest rate per annum using different savings features.

They represent some insurance companies, rendering professional advice and assistance in arranging comprehensive insurance packages that would be extended to cover any of the classes of insurance of your choice.



Eyowo is a digital bank that first started operation in 2017 with an initial offering to promote ease of access to money without the use of bank accounts.

Eyowo was officially launched in 2019 by Tomi Amao, Eyowo’s CEO.

Eyowo is a payment system that allows people to send and exchange value using their phone numbers. Your account number is derived from your phone number just by taking out the first zero in front of your phone number.

They offer virtual dollar cards because some of the users need to make payments internationally. They have another service called the cardless ATM withdrawal. If you need to access cash without using a physical plastic card, you will be sent a code that can be used at the ATM.

Eyowo for retail allows merchants accept cash, accept cards and accept Eyowo in a single interface.



Cashbox is a digital savings platform owned by Cashbox Global Services Limited that has made online savings popular in Nigeria.

Cashbox was founded by Sydney Imuetinyan Aigbogun, Chief Executive Officer of Cashbox in 2019.

You can save as low as N100 or as high as whatever limit you choose to save. You are to add you’re your ATM card to your profile and Cashbox will automatically debit your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly for your set savings amount as created by you.

You earn up to 15% interest per annum depending on your chosen plan and savings balance.

Cashbox encourages you to save as long as possible and resist the urge to withdraw except when extremely necessary. Some plans like Target, Vault and Cliques do not allow withdrawal until maturity.



Overwood is an investment company that helps people come together to invest in safe, high-yield investment products.

It helps you to save, invest and invest your money. Your capital is protected and you can earn up to 12% per annum.

The Founder and CEO of Overwood is Dr. Tayo Oyedeji. The company was founded in 2019.

Overwood prime feature suits investors who are looking for long-term growth and safe investments in Nigeria. Overwood offers its customers daily compound interest and stability against market fluctuations.

Overwood dollar feature suits investors who want to hedge against Naira currency risks. You subscribe in Naira but the funds will always be held in US Dollars.

Overwood child feature was designed for investors who have young children and are looking to grow the funds earmarked for their children’s current or future school fees.



Kolomoni is a mobile and web app for savings, investments, payments and agency banking services. It is a secure, fast and convenient way for everyone to access savings and investment products that were otherwise reserved for elites.

Kolomoni is a product of Capitalsage Technology Limited (formerly Credit Assist Investment Limited). Balogun Rita is the Executive Director at CapitalSage.

Kolomoni is more than just savings and investment but it liberates you financially. You get up to 11% interest per annum on your savings. Guarantees a massive 15% ROI per annum.

It allows you to save money on every recharge and bill payment. You earn an income by becoming an agent or money merchant. It has a 24/7 responsive customer support system to give you a smooth experience needed to achieve your goals.



Mintyn is a financial technology company developed for customers to carry out some digital and mobile banking transactions on their accounts.

Mintyn was founded in by Nnazilim Egbuonu, Eze Amuchie and Obinna Ogbodo

For Businesses, Mintyn has been carefully designed for MSME owners, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and other business-inclined individuals who bank with Mintyn and new customers.

Unlike other commercial banks in Nigeria who charge customers to run a current account, Mintyn bank offers much more at no cost to open a corporate account.

Mintyn bank will help you and your business save costs by allowing you to send money for free, whether you are sending money in bulk to other banks or on a singular basis.



Ladda is an investment platform that gives you access to variety of products – Savings, mutual funds and stocks.

Ladda was launched in 2020 by Oluwatosin Olaseinde.

For customers that have a low-risk appetite, this platform helps you to put your money in high-interest savings. You can also invest in Naira and Dollar mutual funds which offers you returns of about 7% per annum.

Ladda has competitors that also offer mutual bonds and other local and global options to users,  they include Risevest, Chaka and Trove finance. These competitors have stocks of companies like Amazon, Tesla, Pfizer and Apple on their apps.

Ladda is working on exposing its users to a wide range of global stocks which they can also invest in from Nigeria.

Ladda’s main aim is to reach people who have no exposure to investment opportunities and to also expand the fintech market. Ladda is growing so fast, with a 25% month-on-month growth in subscriber base, according to Oluwatosin Olaseinde.



Kolopay is majorly a savings platform, that was formerly called Mr. Kolo. Their main purpose is to ease customer’s stress and toencourage a good saving culture in them.

You can also make direct purchases from Kolopay, as it provides e-commerce services for its cuustomers.

Ayoola Ogunlowo and Ifeoluwa Popoola launched Kolopay on the 4th of December, 2017. Since its launching, Kolopay has consciously made a name for itself and has gained recognition for its outstanding features.

Kolopay allows you to save any amount of money. You can make one-off payments from your account to your Kolopay and you can save as little as N1.

Kolopay provides her customers with 6% rate of interest annually on each target budget.

Kolopay has a unique feature that enables her users to save from multiple bank accounts so that they can save more.



SumoTrust (formerly SumoBank) is a secure savings and investment platform that helps you save, send, receive and plan your finances effectively. It helps Africans build wealth through micro-savings and investment.

SumoTrust was founded June 14, 2019 by GT Igwe Chrisent.

You can choose to save either daily, weekly or monthly and earn 10% interest per annum. Here, you cannot withdraw until withdrawal dates or the exact date you choose to withdraw your money.

You can securely lock away your money for a long period of time and earn up to 15% interest annually.

All interest earned on all your account types, referral commissions, bonuses and winnings are paid to your “kick account.”



Fundall is a digital bank that provides access to digital banking and wealth management.

Its goal is to help every African make wealth and grow their businesses with tools affordable and well- acclimatized to their personal and business demands.

Fundall was founded by Kolapo Joseph in 2019.

The app helps you to set automatic reminders to debtors, which can be very useful for entrepreneurs.

It also has an efficient budget tracker that provides intelligent insights into your spending, as well as being able to send money to anybody once you have their phone number and email.

Fundall helps you to save money every time you spend with the SaveAsYouSpend feature that allows you decide what percentage of your expenses should be saved per time.



Savyt is a digital platform that gives Nigerians access to savings and investment opportunities that offers higher returns.

On Savyt, setting up an account and creating a savings plan is possible with a minimum of N50. It also allows customers to save continously through its “Autosave” function.

On Savyt, your funds are invested in low to medium risk assets offered by government entities, blue chip companies and carefully selected financial institution partners. With Savyt, you can earn better returns, up to 15% per annum on savings and investment.



UC Money is a financial technology platform from UCML Investment Management Limited. It was founded by Tunde Sarumi in 2019.

UC Money’s primary aim is to provide her customers with an easy way of saving for the future, as well as security.

UC Money provides you access to a higher-yielding portfolio rather than the other traditional banking institutions.

UC Money helps you to invest your savings in treasury bills and government bonds which comes with little or no risk.