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2.  MyPaddi :

Mypaddi is an App aimed at connecting young people with medical personnel who can help them clarify their sexual and reproductive health concerns as well as general health concerns. Mypaddi helps them chat with a doctor or healthcare personnel.

Mypaddi which in Nigeria means “my close friend”, provides young people with the trust that they need to open up without fear to their doctors who give them access to accurate, unbiased, and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health information, it provides these through complete anonymity.

Patients and doctors on the app have anonymous profiles, therefore the identity of the patient and doctor is unknown. This is to encourage youths to share their problems and experiences without fear.

In our Nigerian society, topics related to sexual and reproductive health have seemed to be kept hidden from young people because the older generation see them as pervasive to be shared with young people and would rather have them live in ignorance about it. This has made young people silent about their concerns but with the Mypaddi app, young people can be open about their questions and get the adequate answers they need while protecting their identity.

My Paddi app also has other great features like a period tracker, counseling, and The Zone, which is an open question and answer section regarding any health-related issues – for the benefit of the youth on the app.

3. Hudibia:

Hudibia is an app that provides patients with information about diseases and medical conditions and guides patients through treatments and medical conditions. It is one of the few African apps with clinical tools designed to help doctors improve patients’ treatment.

It features health information that is translated with audio playback in local languages so there is no language barrier with this app. It is very helpful to provide health care information, especially for people who may not understand English. It helps to create better awareness and information about various medical conditions.

It has features such as – order drugs which is a section in the app where patients can order drugs prescribed by their doctors, it has a section where patients can have one on one consultations with their doctors, and a section where patients can request an ambulance in case of an emergency.

4. Kangpe:

Kangpe is an app that provides people or patients with answers to their medical questions 24 hours ,every day from verified medical practitioners through SMS, mobile app and the internet.

Africa has the lowest doctor to the patient ratio in the world, with an average number of two doctors to every 10,000 people, which is very low if you want to really look at how long it takes to speak and help


people with their health situations. In recent years, we have seen a good number of Nigerian doctors in Africa also relocate abroad for better remuneration, making African doctors inaccessible in Africa and Nigeria specifically.

Kangpe was created to help bridge the gap between doctors and patients. People get to ask and consult doctors about their medical concerns and get prompt answers. With over 60,000 users Kangpe has helped provide health care consultations for many Nigerians and Africans at large.

5. Flying Doctors:

Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) is a Medical Emergency Service that aims at providing health care services at faster rates. They specialize in ambulances, medevac, medico-logistics etc. It was created by Ola Brown a Nigerian British-based doctor.

It is an award-winning service – the first Air Ambulance in West Africa, it has been operating for almost ten years. They offer various services such as these below: Air Ambulance / Medical Repatriation, Infrastructural Services, ETU / Medical Stretcher Services, Remote Site Medical Solutions, Emergency Medical Assistance Services, Ground Ambulance Services.

6. Find A Med:

This app is very helpful for finding medical centers through GPS Navigation The app was created by Emeka Onyewe. It provides people with information about the closest health centers around them and directions to get there. This can be referred to as the google map of the healthcare sector.

It helps you find health centers easily. If a person moves to a new environment and needs to find a medical center they can go to anytime they need it, Find A Med will be very helpful. It also helps in cases of emergencies where the patients are unable to visit their health care centers due to a long distance. This app helps in getting information about health care centers that can be easily located.

7. Mobidoc:

Mobidoc is a mobile wellness platform by Timi Aiyemo that aids doctors/patients consultations. It brings doctors in connection with patients in their place of comfort. It makes it easier for patients to connect with doctors as they seek consultations. The patients get to share their medical concerns with the doctors who are ever willing to give them advice and help.

Mobidoc offers the health platform to make decisions based on how to stay healthy. It offers services like General Health care, Dental services, Medical Treatment, etc. It consists of the Doctor’s portal, patient portal, and pharmacy portal.

It is a complete medical center that aims to provide adequate healthcare for Nigerians, Africa and beyond.

 8. Red Bank :


It offers services that enable doctors and patients to find safe blood, when in need of it Information such as: blood type, pints and location are factored in.

9.  Drsavealife:

Drsavealife app is a medical diagnostic app, designed by medical practitioners here in Nigeria and the USA and programmed with our local speech to ensure an accurate diagnosis. It helps to check symptoms in patients and give them an accurate diagnosis.

It also gives patients access to proper medical help on the symptoms 24/7 no matter the distance through their mobile phones.

Drsavealife assists in verifying drugs for patients before they are purchased. This helps to ensure that the drugs being purchased are real and not adulterated. Drsavealife also provides comprehensive directions for patients to get to pharmacies and hospitals.

10. WebMD:

WebMD is an app that provides patients with accurate medical health care, news and trustworthy information as well as health care information for patients. It consists of sections like a symptom checker, health Information, drugs, medications, etc.

People need to be informed about the situations in their cx society, especially in Nigeria where we need accurate health information and WebMD serves that need.

With the increasing population in Nigeria combined with rising health cases, the need for telemedicine applications in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Are you considering building your very own telemedicine application, and becoming a voice in a telehealth space?

It is essential to work with people who are experienced in your niche. Get more information about your launching or developing a telemedicine application by sending a email to sales@apptide.io. You can also book a free consultation here.