We're passionate about finding solutions

We understand that the success of every software solution starts with its development. This is why we are resolute on giving you unparalleled value. We carry you along at every step of the way; taking your idea from a napkin sketch to a full-fledged mobile or web application that is user friendly and compatible with any iOS or android device without hassles or bugs.

Super Team

How it all began?

Just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we began to see the need for more digitalized solutions to help individuals and businesses achieve more in a shorter time. This is when we decided to start serving the emerging IT industry with custom white label web and mobile applications to meet their business needs.

Today, we are recognized under the top 50 mobile application companies in Nigeria. Through our versatile model, we are able to serve different parts of the world. We have clients throughout West Africa, Europe, United Kingdom and various parts of the world. We owe the entire credit to our devout team of designers, developers and strategists who work day and night to ensure that every project is a masterpiece

Our core values

Client-centric value

Being responsive, relevant, and consistent in delivering value to clients, to enable them build high-performance businesses.


By developing our people, acting with an owner mentality, developing our communities, and helping improve the global environment, we can build a better, stronger, and more durable company for future generations.

Frequent Asked Questions

The duration of the app development process is dependent on the size of the application/project, advanced features included as well as customization required. The estimated time frame for web apps is 3-6weeks while mobile apps is 6-12weeks.

100% as long as they are available when needed.

Our products are custom, and the cost of development is dependent on its uniqueness. Factors like project size, type (iOS, Android, or Hybrid), features stacks etc can impact pricing. Please book a free consultation for more details.

We charge no extra cost once the initial cost of development has been settled. However, software products in general usually require periodic maintenance and upgrading due to the nature of the service which might lead to minimal fees. Luckily, we offer three months of free support after development. 

We handle all clients’ information with utmost confidentiality. A non-disclosure agreement will also be signed to this effect.